Land and seascapes

Keep Going! 

Skyward bound 45 x 60 cm

Cross country skiing in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Turua Jetty at sunrise

Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Peninsular

View from our window in Douglas Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada

Breaking Wave

Opito Bay, Coromandel Peninsular

Machu Picchu, Peru  SOLD

Matarangi Beach, Coromandel Peninsular  SOLD

Lost and Forgotten


Birds on the runway at Thames Airfield

Storm Approaching

Castle Rock, Coromandel Peninsular

Cruising down the coast from Kirkenes to Bergen, Norway

Nausta Fossen (Falls), Norway

Scottish headland

Fun at the Beach   SOLD

Morning Rays

Mountain Glory

Sunset Stop, Western Australia

Faroe Islands

Mitchell Falls, Western Australia

Nearly There!

Cornish Fishing Village

Pohutukawa with spiderweb