Bryn (Greyhound)

Kereru 60 x 45cm

Freedom – No racetrack here!

Kingfisher with a tasty crab 45 x 60 cm

A Walk in the Park

Gone Fishing

The Magpies are moving in.  45 x 60 cm

Oscar (Greyhound)

Plovers on the runway before takeoff

A Helping Hand

African Fish Eagle in Botswana

Breakfast Time

Bees around the Sunflowers

Elephant in Botswana

A warm rainy evening    SOLD

Leopard on the lookout in Botswana

Spiders’ World

Cornish Fishing Village

Jay    SOLD

Spider web in the Pohutukawa

Golden Weaver Bird (Botswana)

12 x 9 cm

Shags hanging out to dry 70 x 55cm