Ducks in May – Waihou River, Waikato 60 x 45cm

Flight over the Pinnacles, Coromandel Ranges 90 x 60cm

Skyward bound 45 x 60 cm

“Nearly There!” 45 x 60cm


45 x 60cm

Freedom!  No racetrack here   45 x 60 cm

Gone Fishing 500 x 60cm



World 60 x 45cm

Shags hanging out to dry 70 x 55cm

A Walk in the Park 50 x 60cm

Pohutukawa with spider’s web 55 x 70cm

Breaking Wave 45 x 60cm

The Kereru 45 x 60 cm

Leopard on the lookout

45 x 60cm

The Magpies are moving in.  45 x 60 cm